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People of Color in American Elections, 2014: Advances and Setbacks

Posted on What's New Amaris Montes on November 11, 2014

 2014 saw some key victories for candidates of color, along with some frustrating losses. The takeaway? The U.S.'s elected government at all levels still fails to reflect the country's diversity. 

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Beyond Ferguson - Unrepresentative Democracy in City Elections

Posted on What's New Amaris Montes, Zack Avre on October 29, 2014

With the midterm elections approaching, many analysts are suggesting that our usually low midterm turnout may dip even lower despite these elections drawing more spending than any midterm election in history. Yet as we've seen in Ferguson (MO), the problem is even worse in local elections – not only in numbers, but in equity in areas such as age and race that raise serious questions about the disengagement of a growing number of Americans from their municipal governments.

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