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Millions of 16- and 17 years olds vote in Brazilian Presidential Election, but no President Elected

Posted on What's New Mike Macnevin on October 23, 2014

Brazilians flocked to the polls on October 5, 2014, to vote for their next president. Yet, after all the votes were counted, no one was elected. This blog entry briefly explores the use of runoff elections in Brazil before discussing the growing worldwide movement to repeat Brazil's enfranchisement of  16 and 17 year olds.

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Continuing Electoral Reforms in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted on What's New Sarah John on September 15, 2014

Hot on the heels of electoral reforms last year, small Caribbean island nation Trinidad and Tobago has abandoned plurality voting in favor of runoff voting in its national elections. FairVote is keeping close watch on Trinidad and Tobago, as political parties, legislators and citizens continue to discuss voting systems, including ranked choice voting and fair representation voting, and agitate for reform.

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Proportional Representation in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted on What's New Matt Dewilde on October 17, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago has always elected its legislature using a winner-take-all system, but a new bill is bringing proportional representation to the island nation. 

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Electoral Reform on the Move in Canada

Posted on What's New on April 16, 2013

From a poll showing widespread support for proportional representation to the Liberal Party leadership elections held using ranked choice voting to the growing movement for ranked choice voting in Toronto, things are looking up for electoral reform in Canada.

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Mexico's Divisive Presidential Election System

Posted on What's New Warren Hays on June 19, 2012

With Mexican voters set to go to the polls on July 1, the country's three-party system combined with its winner-take-all presidential elections create a recipe for popular discontent with no end in sight.

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Brazil's Presidential Hopefuls Face Runoff, National Congress Needs Reform

Posted on What's New Andy Andrianantoandro on September 28, 2010

On October 31st, a runoff will take place in Brazil’s presidential election. The leading candidate, Dilma Rousseff of the Worker’s Party (PT), failed to gain the 50% majority needed during the first round on October 3rd with just 47%.

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Term Limits Strengthen Colombia's Democracy

Posted on What's New Pauline Lejeune on March 10, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, the Colombian Constitutional Court rejected legislation calling for a referendum that would have increased presidential term limits from two to three terms. This decision prevents President Alvaro Uribe from running for a third straight term in office and sends a strong signal to the international community: the burgeoning Colombian democracy won’t be part of the autocratic wave in South America.

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Nova Scotia Votes

Posted on What's New on June 12, 2009

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