Steph Scaglia

Government Affairs Intern

Steph Scaglia

Steph Scaglia is the Government Affairs Intern with the Outreach Team. Originally from Silicon Valley, California, she is a rising senior at New York University and is majoring in political science. She comes to FairVote after having worked on Capitol Hill and in the nonprofit sector. Steph is particularly fascinated by the intersection of domestic and international politics, the legitimacy of our institutions, and ensuring equitable voting rights for all. On her days off, Steph can usually be found doing yoga, riding her bike, or at happy hour.

Posts by Steph Scaglia

Competitive Districts Decline Across America

Posted on November 24, 2021

The number of competitive Congressional districts is on the decline, and so far the number of safe seats for both Democrats and Republicans have increased. This could lead to one of the least accountable Congresses ever.

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