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So Long, and Thanks for All the Electoral Votes

So Long, and Thanks for All the Electoral Votes

New Jersey governor Jon Corzine heads out the statehouse door this week to make way for his successful 2009 challenger Christ Christie. Much was made of the race and its implications (Was it a bellwether? Probably not.), and we at FairVote, being nonpartisan, don't have anything to say about Corzine's tenure overall or what the future looks like with Christie.

But we do want to remember one important thing: Two years ago today, Gov. Corzine signed into law New Jersey's participation in the National Popular Vote plan, agreeing to award all of the state's presidential electoral votes to the national popular vote winner once the plan goes into effect. I am a New Jersey native myself, so I was particularly proud of this moment in my state's history.

So farewell, governor, good luck--to your successor as well--and thanks for acting on democratic principles.

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