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Setting a Crowded Table for Reform

Setting a Crowded Table for Reform

In politics, as in life, we often need friends and allies to make progress on our goals. That clarity of mind is needed now as Americans face significant challenges as a nation. FairVote is doing our part to bring people together so we can talk about our possible paths forward out of difficulty.

In the coming year, FairVote will engage reformers in deep discussion about what solutions must be put on the table to make our representative government more robust in the face of crisis. We bring our own ideas to the table and we will listen and learn about other promising ideas. Proportional representation is the gold standard for effective democratic governance - a system our own State Department advocates for in emerging democracies.

Another solution worthy of exploration is updating the Electoral Count Act to reflect a need to protect our electoral process after what has been an alarming realization that our system has relied so far on candidates and public officials who have voluntarily followed norms. In this political era, norm reliance is no way to provide for the Americans who come after us. There are still more big ideas that could shore up our democratic system and reinforce the values that built it. We plan to explore any and all of those possibilities with experienced organizations and knowledgeable leaders.

FairVote is excited to workshop policy proposals with some of the most brilliant, influential, and experienced practitioners. With a set of policy proposals in-hand, including the Fair Representation Act and others, we will steward these good ideas through a gauntlet of academics, historians, political practitioners, public opinion, and political influencers from constituencies as varied as the voting rights, African American political communities, labor and the Democratic base, conservatives, women’s empowerment, and moderates.

We will step out of our comfort zone in the democracy reform space and into conversations with any constituency where shared vision and opportunities for collaboration are possible. We will reach into the business community where most leaders understand the value of democratic security to their bottom line, convene and collaborate with a growing community of new political parties, and military constituencies, among many others.

Not only do we believe in doing the work to bring people back to the table to hash out our differences and develop solutions to our most pressing problems, we believe it is work we must do. We hope you’ll join us at this crowded table.


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