Senator-Elect Liz Krueger and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh


photo_1_copy.pngWe are honoring New York state legislators Liz Krueger and Brian Kavanagh as Democracy Champions for their leadership as state reformers. Both have shown steadfast commitment to supporting and elevating ranked choice voting (“instant runoff voting”), along with other FairVote-backed plans like the National Popular Vote and voter pre-registration for teenagers. Their continued work to pass ranked choice voting and commitment fair elections to New York will increase voter turnout, increase campaign civility, reduce the influence of money in politics and give voters a stronger voice and more powerful vote.photo2_copy.png

Ranked choice voting makes sense in many New York elections, but most obviously for what Sen. Krueger and Assemblyman Kavanagh have supported in the state legislature: replacing New York City’s costly, low-turnout primary runoffs with an efficient “instant runoff.” Sen. Krueger’s legislation has twice passed the state senate, but despite her and Assemb. Kavanagh’s efforts, not passed the assembly. Looking ahead to New York City’s expected open seat elections for Mayor, Public Advocate and Comptroller, it makes great sense for the city to finally to act. Below is important coverage

                   (NYC Campaign Finance Board contest uses online RCV ballot)


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