Sample RFP

Sample RFP

A "request for proposal" or "RFP" specifies the needs of a jurisdiction that a voting system manufacturer will have to meet to be considered for a bid. The following is a simple, single-paragraph description of RCV-readiness that can be included in an RFP to ensure that voting systems will include RCV-readiness. Note that it cites an appendix: if the jurisdiction has adopted a statute describing RCV, that statute should be appended; if not, FairVote provides a model statute that can be used instead.

Download the single paragraph RFP language

Download the longer and more detailed RFP language for minimum RCV-readiness

Sample Minimum RFP Language for RCV: Single Paragraph

The system shall be ready by [DATE], with all necessary certified hardware and software to implement ranked choice voting that allows voters to mark and have their ballots recorded according to the specific needs of ranked choice voting methods as described in Appendix XX. The system shall allow voters to give a unique ranking to at least three (3) candidates, and it shall be ready to produce and use ballots containing both ranked choice contests and vote-for-one or vote-for-up-to-N contests and ballot questions on the same ballot card. The system must be able to reject ballots that give more than one candidate a first choice ranking. The voting system should report a contest cast vote record for each contest showing every choice or ranking made by each voter on his/her ballot, and export these records as digitized images or in a common database format, such as a comma delimited text file, that can be tabulated according to the voting method algorithm of the jurisdiction by the system as well as by independent software that can read such files. If the voting system lacks the export functionality, it shall be able to tabulate the results internally according to the specific needs of ranked choice voting methods as described in Appendix XX.

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