Sample house party agenda

  1. Receive guests as they arrive and ask them to sign up. As people arrive, have them put their contact information on a signup sheet. Alternatively, once everyone is seated, you can pass around a signup sheet or ask people to pull out their smartphones to visit a URL specific to you and sign up. It’s helpful to collect this information as they arrive or early on because people often leave at different times, and it’s tough to get it when they’re on their way out the door. 
  2. Meet and greet. Take time to chat with your guests and allow everyone to get comfortable before diving into the discussion of ranked choice voting. Providing food or drinks is always a plus, especially if you’re gathering near a meal time. 
  3. Welcome and introductions. Welcome everyone as a group and introduce everyone or have them introduce themselves. 
  4. Opening Message. Short talk about ranked choice voting from you or someone via phone or video from FairVote. 
  5. Discussion. Allow some time for people to talk about what they’ve just heard. Answer any questions you can, but do not guess. Just write down any questions you can’t answer and then follow up with your organizer for answers.
  6. The Ask. The underlying ask is for guests to join FairVote by allowing you to add them to the email list. An additional proactive ask at the end of the meeting will provide another opportunity for your guests to get involved. Your ask may be to host their own house party, join you in organizing a demonstration election event, or to hear FairVote out about volunteering by signing up for the welcome webinar. Work with the organizer to decide what’s best for you. 
  7. Next steps. Let your guests know that they may hear from someone at FairVote.

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