Sample house meeting invitation

Sample house meeting invitations


Dear friend,


I’d like to invite you to my home for some conversation about our elections. While there is a lot to talk about related to the candidates themselves, I want to instead focus on how we vote for them. There is a way we can change how we do that to help us with some of our country’s problems--and it’s gaining momentum and the trust of people from all across the partisan spectrum. I hope you’ll consider joining me for some food, drinks, and an invigorating conversation. 


What: Conversation about how we elect our representatives

When: [DATE]

Where: [ADDRESS]


Casual text example


Hey friend! I'm having some people over on [insert date] to talk about voting methods - one in particular that's gaining a lot of traction and would make the voting process more fair. It'll be fun - there'll be plenty of booze and snacks, and we're actually gonna rank our beer preferences as a way to learn about it. I would love to see you - let me know if you can make it! I'll send an email with more details too.


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