Ryan Suto

Senior Policy Advisor

Ryan Suto

Ryan J. Suto is the Senior Policy Advisor at FairVote where he focuses on advancing electoral reform on Capitol Hill. Before joining FairVote, he previously worked as the Policy Counsel for Arab American Institute and has worked with organizations such as the UNDP in Bahrain and the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy. 

Ryan was a first-generation college student at Penn State University where he earned bachelor degrees in political science and philosophy. He then graduated from Syracuse University's Law and Public Diplomacy program, where he received a J.D. and masters degrees in international relations and public relations.

Posts by Ryan Suto

Fifty-Seven Years After Selma

Posted on March 07, 2022

The Voting Rights Act is intrinsically linked to the events surrounding Bloody Sunday, what preceded them, and what we as a nation should have learned from them. As time passes and as the efforts to repair the Act do not, we risk losing the lessons of Selma and the statutory activation of the 15th Amendment.

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