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Ruben Lebron

Hello everyone! My name is Ruben Lebron and I like to say that I come from both the heartland in Kansas - where I lived the past five years and which significantly shaped me - and from my beloved island of Puerto Rico where I was born. I come from a poor family, but I was very lucky to have some people empower me to follow my dreams. And this is relevant because from there stems my purpose in life. I want to take a systems-change approach to ensure that everyone willing to work hard and with integrity has an opportunity, a fair opportunity, to follow their dreams.

This is where FairVote comes in. I believe that our democracy can and should be better. Our current system is gridlocked, does not represent our diverse nation, and is nonresponsive to the needs of Americans like you and me. Moreover, those that know me personally are cognizant that the Latino community is very dear to my heart. Nevertheless, my community’s needs are not likely to be met without innovation, passion, and a political will to put the good of the people before party and ideology. Currently a third of Latinos lack health insurance like I did for the past five years, Latina women earn only 54 cents to a white male’s dollar, and our families are being separated and excessively incarcerated.

Thus I am ecstatic to join FairVote and work arduously to create transformative political reform and create a stronger democracy that gives voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a democracy that works for all Americans. Like the cliché goes, I strongly believe I am at the right place, at the right time, and would not like to be anywhere else at this point in my career. I thank God for this challenge and all those that have paved the way to help me get here. I invite you to get to know more about the reforms that we are working to implement at FairVote and do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to further discuss these.


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