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Rob Richie on CSPAN: How to improve our government

Rob Richie on CSPAN: How to improve our government

According to a July 2 Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans are not proud of the American political system. It is clear Americans want our government to be more responsive, more open, and more representative.

How, then, can we change our government for the better?

Rob Richie, FairVote’s president and CEO, has an answer.

In a July 5 CSPAN appearance, Richie joined host Pedro Echevarria to discuss election reform, the Supreme Court’s recent decision on partisan gerrymandering, ranked choice voting, and the Fair Representation Act.

In the segment, he dispelled the notion that the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision, which decreed that federal courts cannot intervene in partisan redistricting, spells the end of the gerrymandering fight.

In fact, “Congress is explicitly authorized in the Constitution to be able to regulate and set up rules for redistricting,” Richie said. “If we want a national solution that affects all states… Congress really is the place to act."

He then provides this national solution: the Fair Representation Act (FRA). According to Richie,

“For FairVote, our north star in the issue [of more responsive governance] is…the Fair Representation Act, which we think is the most comprehensive, voter-friendly solution out there.”

The FRA is a common-sense solution to an atrophied, unresponsive political system. Instead of partisan-engineered districts that lead to uncompetitive elections and leave voters disillusioned, the FRA would create larger, multi-member districts that will be elected through ranked choice voting.

The FRA, by eliminating the ability to gerrymander at the federal level, will enable more accurate representation, spur meaningful and policy-driven campaigns, and spark increased diversity in Congress.

Rep. Don Beyer is expected to reintroduce the FRA in Congress this week.

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