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Right-of-center pollster urging systematic changes to America’s elections

Right-of-center pollster urging systematic changes to America’s elections

With the headline “Time to change the election game,” a blog by Scott Rasmussen unequivocally states the case for electoral reform in America. He cheers on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to impose new congressional district boundaries, and notes that it’s going to take more than just addressing partisan gerrymandering to shield our democracy from further decay.

In addressing the much deeper problem in American politics, Rasmussen refers to FairVote’s efforts to have ranked choice voting and multi-member districts embraced as a better means to elect our leaders in Congress. He writes:

“It’s worth pointing out that the Constitution does not mandate our current system of electing representatives by District. Originally, the states were allowed to select their Representatives in whatever manner worked for them. It would be great to once again allow and encourage states to experiment with new approaches to empowering voters.

One experiment might be to use some form of proportional representation. If 60% of the voters in a state voted for a Republican, 60% of the Representatives would be Republican. That has a certain intrinsic appeal and insures that every vote would truly count. It would also provide an opening for third parties to gain traction because they could attract enough support to win a seat or two in Congress. That can’t really happen in the winner-take-all district approach.

There are other approaches worthy of consideration as well. Check out FairVote.org to learn about Ranked Choice voting and additional alternatives…”

To read Rasmussen’s full piece, click here.

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