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Resources and Links

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FairVote's International Election Coverage

Color-Coded Map of Election Systems by Country


Analysis of 2013 Municipal Elections in Cambridge


Germany's Multi-Member System's Impact on Proportional Representation

Fair Representation Voting in Palmdale, CA


Proportional Representation Election Methods Rundown

Fixing Democracy Infographic Series

OpaVote allows you to run secure, reliable organizational elections using multi-winner RCV to get proportional outcomes.

Accurate Democracy website and ebook.

PR in International Elections

Proportional representation is the most popular method for electing national legislatures in democracies around the world. For information on international use of proportional representation, see:

FairVote's extensive coverage of elections worldwide

Professor Mark Jones' analysis of the electoral systems of the world's most robust democracies

FairVote's interactive map of electoral systems by country


Proportional Representation & Electoral Reform in Ohio. Kathleen Barber; Ohio University Press, 1995.

The International IDEA Handbook of Electoral System Design

Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix this Broken Democracy. Krist Novoselic; RDV Books, 2004

Fixing Elections. Steve Hill; Routledge, 2003

Real Choices, New Voices. Douglas Amy; Columbia University Press, 1993

Tyranny of the Majority. Lani Guinier, 1994

Boston Review. "Reflecting All of Us: the Case for Proportional Representation," by Rob Richie and Steven Hill, Feb. / March 1998

Electoral Systems and Party Systems, Professor Arend Lijphart; Oxford University Press, 1994

United States Electoral Systems: Their Impact on Women and Minorities. editors Dr. Wilma Rule and Dr. Joseph Zimmerman; Praeger Publishers, 1992

"A Radical Plan to Change American Politics" by Michael Lind, Atlantic Monthly, August 1992

Choosing an Electoral System, edited by Arend Lijphart and Bernard Grofman, Praeger Press, 1984.

The Power to Elect, Enid Lakeman, Heinemann Press, 1982.

Seats and Votes, Rein Taagepera and Matthew Shugart; Yale Univ Press, 1989.

PR: The Key to Democracy, George Hallett; National Municipal League, 1940.

Considerations on Representative Government, John Stuart Mill; Park, Son and Bourn, 1861.

Women, Elections and Representation, by Robert Darcy, Susan Welch and Janet Clark; Longman Press, 1987.

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