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Rep. Scott Peters signs on to the Fair Representation Act

Rep. Scott Peters signs on to the Fair Representation Act

As gerrymandering wars play out across the nation, the Fair Representation Act secured another supporter in Congress.

Recently, Rep. Scott Peters became the fifth co-sponsor to back the bill (HR 3057).

The three-term congressman representing the San Diego area described the FRA as an “important change...that encourages cooperation and people working together to solve problems,” according to a statement from his office.

This legislation would reduce polarization by creating ranked-choice voting, and make voters more informed about what their representative stands for by creating more competitive districts that are less vulnerable to gerrymandering. Government should work better, and that’s why I’m fighting for these important changes.”

Congressman Peters met with FairVote staff and the bill’s sponsor Rep. Don Beyer to learn more about the Fair Representation Act and how it improves our electoral system.

Rob Richie, FairVote’s CEO and co-founder, praised Peters’ decision as example of his innovative leadership.

Like his fellow sponsors of the Fair Representation Act, Congressman Peters is known as an innovator who thinks for himself. He also deeply understands elections, having both won and lost in local races and now representing one of the nation's true swing districts. I applaud his leadership."

The Fair Representation Act leverages a three-pronged reform of ranked choice voting, multi-member districts and nonpartisan citizen commissions to end gerrymandering, empower voters at the ballot box and bring more fair representation to constituents.

Since its introduction in 2017, the proposal has gained momentum thanks to successful ranked choice voting elections in cities and the entire state of Maine as well as mainstream media coverage.

With this increasing support and attention, we hope 2019 will be the year to set the wheels of reform in motion by Congress passing the Fair Representation Act.


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