Posted by Ashley Houghton on August 18, 2021 at 10:02 AM

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FairVote Statement on the Reintroduction of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

FairVote, a nonpartisan organization that advocates for electoral reform in the United States, responded to the reintroduction of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This legislation would restore and modernize the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, which prohibited racial discrimination in voting. FairVote’s statement is as follows:

Each of our voices must be heard for the democratic process to work. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act restores fundamental protections from the Voting Rights Act to ensure we are each able to cast meaningful votes on Election Day. The Department of Justice and our courts must have the power to uphold the principles and promise of the 14th and 15th amendments of the U.S. Constitution and ensure the United States is a functioning multi-racial democracy with equal protection for all. FairVote endorses this legislation, as we did when earlier versions were passed in 2006 and proposed since the Shelby ruling in 2013. These reforms are fundamental to create a future where all Americans can vote. 


FairVote is a nonpartisan organization seeking better elections for all. We research and advance voting reforms that make democracy more functional and representative for every American.

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