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Reed Hoffmann

Reed Hoffmann is a research intern with FairVote. Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, he is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire studying political science, music and global studies. Hoffmann has been intrigued by election processes and efforts to make results more representative ever since fifth grade, when he dressed up as a ballot box for Halloween the week before the 2008 presidential election. Related to those interests, in 2018 he presented a collaborative research project titled, “Hip Hop and Rap: The Not So Silent Approach to Political Protest in Senegal” at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Apart from his political studies, Hoffmann is the principal violist of the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys biking, discovering new music and catching up on the multitude of films he has yet to watch.

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Meet the Team: Reed Hoffmann

Posted on June 24, 2019

"Democracy has always been messy, and it always will be, but that should not discourage us from demanding solutions to the inequities of voting in our cities, states, and country. Looking back on the 2008 election, despite there being record levels of turnout, two out of every five people decided to stay home. Is this the best we can do? I think not."

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