We Need RCV in Presidential Elections

Week of Action May 3-9




We know that the current crisis has affected nearly everyone in their daily activities, and that many are facing financial and family stress. We deeply hope that you and your loved ones have avoided the virus and are keeping healthy. 

Here at FairVote, our work continues (remotely) to make our democracy more resilient so our government is stable and prepared in times of crisis, now and in the future.

The current situation has demonstrated in no uncertain terms how critical it is to reform our electoral system. In March, more than two million Americans voted early for president, only to have their choice drop out before their vote was counted.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

We want all 50 states to use ranked choice voting and have a vote-by-mail option in the 2024 presidential election. We need ranked choice voting for presidential elections.

We need your help to make this happen. Join us for this Week of Action May 3-9. 

We want to spread awareness, and build support for ranked choice voting for the 2024 presidential elections. There are digital actions for each day this week, so you can fight for fair elections from your living room. 

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