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Ranked Choice Voting on the 2016 Honor Roll

Ranked Choice Voting on the 2016 Honor Roll

FairVote was excited to see ranked choice voting on John Nichols' 2016 Honor Roll in The Nation as the "Most Valuable State Electoral Reform." Nichols wrote of the big win in Maine in November:

On November 8, Maine voters approved a ranked-choice (or instant-runoff) system to elect US senators, US representatives, the governor, and state legislators. Under the new plan, voters will rank candidates in order of preference, with the votes of losing candidates being reassigned to more viable preferences until a clear winner emerges—no spoilers, no wasted votes. State Representative Diane Russell says this system “allows [Mainers] to vote their hopes.” That freedom and flexibility will advance the promise of democracy, and the group FairVote is working to get other states to embrace that promise.

The ballot question win in Maine showed the strong support for ranked choice voting from the left, center, and right of the political spectrum. New energy and activism from Republicans, Democrats, and independents in over 20 states points to a growing consensus from both sides of the aisle regarding the benefits of ranked choice voting. FairVote is looking forward to 2017 to continue advancing such a valuable reform.

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