RCV Legislation

Federal RCV Legislation

The Fair Representation Act (HB3863) would implement proportional RCV for U.S. House of Representatives elections. The bill includes multi-member districts, ranked choice voting, and independent redistricting commissions. 

The For the People Act (HB1 / SB1) includes two pro-RCV provisions: one that requires all new voting equipment purchased with federal dollars to be compatible with RCV elections and one to create a GAO study about RCV. [Status: HR1 has passed the House of Representatives]

The Congress Commission Act (HB996) establishes a commission to make recommendations on the size of the House of Representatives and the method by which Members of the House of Representatives are elected.

The Voter Empowerment Act of 2021 (HB2358) would create a study on create a study on the impacts of RCV and its implementation. 

The Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act (HB2070 / SB865) establishes a process for Puerto Ricans to vote on their political status (e.g., statehood), including a provision allowing RCV to be used in such a vote. 

Coming soon: The Ranked Choice Voting Act would implement RCV for all U.S. House and Senate elections. 2021 version of this bill to be introduced shortly.


RCV Legislation in States

See our state legislation tracker for the status of active state-level RCV legislation.



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