RCV for Student Government

RCV for Student Government

FairVote works with schools that have adopted ranked choice voting to study how it is operating and how we can assist with future student government reform. If your school is interested in adopting RCV, email us at [email protected]

When Electing Single One Candidate

For a single office, like student body president, RCV helps to elect a candidate more reflective of a majority of students in a single election even when several viable candidates are in the race. 

When Electing More than One Candidate

Ranked choice voting is the form of proportional representation most commonly used for student elections in the United States. While the winner-take-all systems currently found at most schools allow dominant groups to sweep the vast majority of seats, ranked choice voting lets smaller student groups consolidate their support and win representation. When implemented at colleges and universities, ranked choice voting has typically resulted in more diverse legislative bodies, greater student engagement, and increased turnout.

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