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RCV Day Events Planned Across America

RCV Day Events Planned Across America

This Sunday, January 23rd, is RCV Day (Get it? It’s 1/23)! In states all over the country, people will be mobilizing to spread the word about ranked choice voting. FairVote and Rank The Vote - a national grassroots organizing group - are collaborating to coordinate these efforts nationwide. Check out the events detailed below to learn more about some of the creative ways organizations are spreading the word about RCV and ways to get involved in your state!

“Beer Elections” are a fun way to introduce ranked choice voting to people who are unfamiliar, and allow them to experience RCV in action. Rank the Vote Delaware is hosting beer elections at local breweries where participants will be given a ranked choice voting ballot to rank their favorite beers. The winner will be announced on RCV Day. RCV for Fort Collins will also be holding beer elections with a 4-sample taster and live Q&A. 

March on Harrisburg and Voter Choice PA are running their own ranked choice voting election to determine which parts of their 23 point platform are the most important to their supporters: Implementing automatic voter registration, ending gerrymandering, abolishing the Electoral College, enacting ranked choice voting, and more—show them your priorities here.


Organizations all over the country are celebrating RCV Day by phone-banking to bolster their teams, garner support for new legislation, and grow the movement. Click below to join these organizations in their phone-banking efforts:

Better Ballot Georgia will be calling voters to educate them about why Instant Runoff Voting would streamline the runoff process and allow for more representative outcomes. 

Better Ballot Iowa will be bolstering their teams for the new year by reaching out to their supporters old and new. 

Better Ballot North Carolina will be building on the success from their canvassing efforts by calling new RCV fans and bringing them into the North Carolina movement.

FairVote Washington will be making calls to support RCV in their community.

New Hampshire RCV will be contacting legislators to support two key RCV bills.

Rank my Vote Florida is mobilizing to stop the RCV Ban Bill by calling Floridians to educate them about the benefits of RCV. 

Rank the Vote OK will be calling supporters and friends to promote their monthly meeting on January 24th.

RCV for Texas is launching new local chapters in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Join a phone-bank to welcome new volunteers and get them involved!

Voter Choice Arizona will be conducting a phone-bank and text-bank where participants can help share the movement within their circles, helping bring RCV to Arizona.

Voter Choice NJ will be spreading the RCV movement through their phone-bank and social media efforts. 


Check out the following list for other ways to get involved in your state!

Better Ballot South Carolina will be canvassing at the Soda City Market in Columbia — speaking to people about the benefits of Instant Runoff Voting.

California RCV Coalition will be on the California Politics Subreddit for an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

FairVote Illinois is building support to bring RCV to voters in Evanston.

FairVote Virginia is holding an RCV Day Rally on January 23rd from 2-4pm at Legend Brewing Company in Richmond, VA. 

Missourians for RCV will be holding a session where they work on building their fundraising call list.

Missourians for RCV will be hosting a Kansas City Happy Hour.

Rank the Vote Kentucky will be holding an RCV Day Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. 

Rank the Vote Ohio is hosting their January Monthly Meeting where they will be writing social media posts, letters to the editor, and requests for support from civic leaders. 

Rank MI Vote is holding their Monthly Meeting to discuss their new goals.

RCV Maryland will be taking action to urge state and local leaders to support better voting methods. 

Voters First WI is holding a digital house party to learn about Wisconsin’s version of RCV.



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