Activist Interviews

Activist Interviews

Blair Bobier

Blair Bobier is a longtime ranked choice voting activist who is currently working on a campaign in Benton County, Oregon to get ranked choice voting on the ballot.  Blair outlined the trajectory of his campaign to date and points out the importance of working with election officials to pass an RCV initiative.  Bobier is working with a core team of five people to promote this initiative.  In addition, he is working closely with county officials from both the Democratic and Green parties to extend his reach.  Bobier offers advice on effective campaign management pulling from his twenty years of experience advocating for RCV.

Steven Hill

Steven Hill is a California-based activist who has been an instrumental player in ranked choice voting campaigns across the state. In 1996, Hill launched an initiative to elect the San Francisco council with ranked choice voting instead of switching to districts. Though the voters narrowly decided to return to single winner districts rather than implement RCV, the groundwork for a future campaign had been laid.  In 2000, after a mayoral election left San Francisco voters dissatisfied with the two-round runoff system, Hill reintroduced the idea of preferential voting. He went on to lead a successful ballot initiative that established ranked choice voting for the city.  In his interview, he highlights the important role played by strategic alliances and endorsements targeting key voting blocs.

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