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Ranked choice voting wins across the country

Ranked choice voting wins across the country

Ranked choice voting (RCV) was on the ballot in three cities last night, and it won in all three.

Ann Arbor, Michigan voted in a landslide to adopt the fairer voting method, with 73% approving. RCV has been shown to increase diversity among elected officials, and Ann Arbor is no exception. When the city briefly used RCV in the 1970s, voters elected the first and only Black mayor in its history so far.

In Westbrook, Maine, 63% of voters backed the measure to expand RCV to local elections. Residents have already used RCV in federal elections and state primaries. The margin of victory was larger than Westbrook's margin in Maine’s 2016 and 2018 statewide RCV referendums, suggesting that in the years since RCV took effect, it has won over more supporters. 

Anna Kellar, executive director of the Maine League of Women Voters, discussed how RCV would help Westbrook pick winners with wide support.

 “Mainers consistently vote in favor of using Ranked Choice Voting, and RCV will certainly be beneficial for Westbrook. In the 2016 and 2017 mayoral races, there were four candidates each year, and none of them received a majority of the vote. Had RCV been used and implemented, the tabulation would have resulted in a winning candidate that represented the will of the majority.” - Anna Kellar, Maine League of Women Voters

Ranked choice voting also passed in Broomfield, Colorado, with 52% voting in favor. This comes on the heels of a state law signed by Governor Jared Polis earlier this year, which makes it easier than ever for cities to adopt RCV in local elections. 

Mayor Guyleen Castriotta praised RCV's ability to level the playing field in elections:

“The candidates with the best ideas, not the biggest bank accounts, should win. Ranked Choice Voting is a better system we can leave to our children.” - Mayor Guyleen Castriotta

We applaud the hard work that Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado, Rank MI Vote, the Maine League of Women Voters, and other advocates did to lead these three measures to victory. State and local groups are at the forefront of progress on RCV around the nation, and 13 straight city ballot measures have passed. Join a group in your state to help make a difference.


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