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Ranked choice voting, third parties and “hacking”

Ranked choice voting, third parties and “hacking”

Former Illinois Congressman John Porter and I have a new Inside Sources commentary on the implications of the recent indictment of Russian agents for seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election by seeking to exploit our “plurality” voting system - one I also had a chance to describe in this Young Turks interview.

The op-ed in no way means to discredit third parties in general nor any presidential candidates who ran in 2016. Our politics needs greater choice to hear new ideas and hold power accountable. What is beyond doubt, however, that only being able to vote for one candidate when there are more than two choices creates an opening for exploitation of third party candidates and independents - as the links show in this pdf of our commentary and in our past writings like this 2010 election series, major party partisans in this country exploit it as well.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more examples of this problem and explain how both ranked choice voting and the more problematic approach of traditional runoff elections offer solutions.

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