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Ranked choice voting is the solution for Connecticut

Ranked choice voting is the solution for Connecticut

Bob Stefanowski’s victory in Connecticut’s Republican gubernatorial primary created waves of backlash, including proposals to end the state’s open primary system.

A better reform, as Chris Powell suggests in his column for The Journal Inquirer, would be ranked choice voting, or instant runoffs.

Though it rankled party leaders, Stefanowski’s unconventional strategy of skipping the convention nomination process and instead entering as a petitioning campaign is not actually the problem, according to Powell. What should sound the alarm bells was that Stefanowski won despite only receiving 29 percent of votes, with the remaining 71 percent split among his four competitors.

Ranked choice voting is an obvious solution and one that “Connecticut should have legislated long ago” given the high number of candidates vying for the governor’s seat, according to Powell.

He’s right; research shows that ranked choice voting promotes majority rule and fosters campaign civility, both of which could benefit Connecticut’s crowded and contentious gubernatorial election.

Read the full Journal Inquirer column here.

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