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Ranked choice voting is on the ballot in Seattle

Ranked choice voting is on the ballot in Seattle

Seattleites can choose better elections this November.

In an historic 7 to 2 vote on Thursday, the City Council of Seattle placed a ranked choice voting (RCV) measure on the November ballot. Adopting RCV would be a huge victory for voters, giving them more freedom to vote their true preferences. It would also be a victory for candidates, who would get to run in elections that incentivize finding common ground instead of mudslinging.

RCV will appear on the ballot alongside an alternative voting system called approval voting. Seattleites will get to choose between switching to either reform or keeping current system.

Seattle is by far the largest city in Washington state, and the 3rd jurisdiction in the state that will get to vote on RCV this year, along with San Juan and Clark counties. Collectively they represent over a million people, and passage of these measures would be a huge boost to the already-strong momentum for RCV, giving their residents the opportunity to use this better way of voting for the first time. RCV has a proven track record from Maine to Utah to Alaska, and we urge the people of Seattle to vote yes on RCV.

This moment is only possible thanks to the hard work of staff and volunteers at FairVote Washington, who led the effort to put RCV on the ballot and will launch their campaign to reach Seattle voters in the coming days. If you want to get involved, you can do so by donating, volunteering, or participating in events they have planned around the state.

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