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Ranked Choice Voting In Use Across America

Ranked Choice Voting In Use Across America

Not only could ranked choice voting pass in a historic seven ballot measures this November, but it will be used in important elections across the country. Voters will elect leader with RCV in one state, one county and seven cities. Here’s a list of elections to keep an eye on:

  • Maine will use it for the first time in American history for presidential elections, along with a hotly contested U.S. Senate race as well a congressional race.
  • Oregon’s Benton County will use RCV for the first time in elections for two county commission seats. Each race has a Democrat and a Republican, with a Libertarian candidate in one of the races and a Green candidate in the other.
  • The four California Bay Area cities of Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and San Leandro all are holding RCV elections, as they have since 2010. There will be a mayoral race with RCV in Berkeley and hotly contested city council races with RCV in all four cities.
  • After using RCV for three mayoral elections, 81% of voters backed extending RCV to all elections in Maine’s largest city of Portland; this November, several city council and school board offices will be elected with RCV.
  • After using proportional RCV for the first time in 2019 as the result of a federal voting rights case, Eastpointe, Michigan will use RCV to fill a city council vacancy this November.
  • FairVote’s home city of Takoma Park has been using RCV since 2007; this November the mayor and six city council seats are up for election.
  • Looking ahead, New York City may start using its new RCV law for all special and primary elections for city offices as soon as this January.

Over the past three years, RCV has been used widely overseas and in major elections in Maine, five Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses, three Republican Party state conventions, 17 cities and over 75 colleges and universities -- with minimal voter error, a nearly unbroken string of higher-than-expected levels of voter turnout, and new examples of how RCV makes more votes count and incentivizes candidates to engage with more voters. Stay tuned for news on how RCV performs next month.

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