Ranked Choice Voting Endorsements

Support for Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting has drawn support as a sensible solution to problems with our elections, with backers including leading newspapers, political leaders, electoral reform commissions and organizations. Here is a sample of that support that focuses in particular on the single-winner form of ranked choice voting — also known as “instant runoff voting.” (We invite you to add your own name, and we'll create a new page soon to feature people from around the USA.)

Academic Authorities Recommending Ranked Choice Voting

In 2020 (unless otherwise noted), the scholars listed below endorsed the following statement in support of expanded use of the single-winner, "instant runoff" form of ranked choice voting as adopted in Maine in 2016: “I support greater use of ranked choice voting for federal, state, and local elections in the United States.”

Winners of Nobel Prize

Winners of Johan Skytte Prize ("The Nobel for political science")

Scholars on democracy, elections and mathematics

Newspapers & Magazines
(last updated Nov. 2020; additional editorials

National Political Leaders 

Authors and Thought Leaders

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