Ranked Choice Voting Endorsements

Support for Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting has drawn support as a sensible solution to problems with our elections, with backers including leading newspapers, political leaders, electoral reform commissions and organizations. Here is a sample of that support that focuses in particular on the single-winner form of ranked choice voting — also known as “instant runoff voting.” (We invite you to add your own name, and we'll create a new page soon to feature people from around the USA.)

Academic Authorities Recommending Ranked Choice Voting

In 2020 (unless otherwise noted), the scholars listed below endorsed the following statement in support of expanded use of the single-winner, "instant runoff" form of ranked choice voting as adopted in Maine in 2016: “I support greater use of ranked choice voting for federal, state, and local elections in the United States.”

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Winners of Nobel Prize

  • Peter Diamond, MIT (2010 award in economic sciences)
  • Angus Deaton, Princeton University (2015 award in economic sciences)
  • Oliver Hart, Harvard (2016 award in economic sciences)
  • Eric Maskin, Harvard University (2007 award in economic sciences)
  • Roger Myerson, University of Chicago (2007 award in economic sciences)
  • William Nordhaus, Yale University (2018 award in economic sciences)
  • Edmund Phelps, Columbia University (2006 award in economic sciences)
  • Alvin Roth, Stanford University (2012 award in economic sciences)
  • Thomas Sargent, New York University (2011 award in economic sciences)
  • Robert Shiller, Yale University (2013 award in economic sciences)

Winners of Johan Skytte Prize ("The Nobel for political science")

  • Robert Axelrod, University of Michigan (2013 winner)
  • Francis Fukuyama, Freeman Spogli Institute for Intl. Studies, Stanford (2015 winner)
  • Peter Joachim Katzenstein, Cornell University (2020 winner)
  • Robert Keohane, Princeton University (2005 winner)
  • Arend Lijphart, University of California - San Diego (1997 winner)
  • Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University (2018 winner)
  • Robert Putnam, Harvard University (2006 winner)
  • Philippe Schmitter, European University Institute (2009 winner)
  • Rein Taagepera, University of California - Irvine (2008 winner)

Scholars on democracy, elections and mathematics

Sam Wang

Professor of neuroscience at Princeton UniversityPrinceton University





Jane Mansbridge
Political scientist, and Charles F. Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.




Roger Myerson
American economist and professor at the University of Chicago





Danielle Allen
Professor at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics





Robert Shiller
American economist, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University, and best-selling author.





Francis Fukuyama
American political scientist, political economist, writer and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.





  • Alan Abramowitz, Emory University
  • Danielle Allen, Harvard University
  • Nikolas Bowie, Harvard Law School
  • Shaun Bowler, University of California-Riverside
  • Charles Bullock, University of Georgia
  • Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin
  • John Carey, Dartmouth College
  • Rachael Cobb, Suffolk University
  • Michael Crespin, University of Oklahoma
  • Larry Diamond, Stanford University 
  • Todd Donovan, Western Washington University
  • Joshua Douglas, University of Kentucky College of Law
  • David Farrell, University College Dublin 
  • Caroline Frederickson, 2020 Georgetown Law distinguished visitor
  • Keith Gaddie, University of Oklahoma 
  • William Galston, Brookings Institution
  • Nicholas Goedert, Lafayette College 
  • Paul Gronke, Reed College & 2020 Carnegie Fellow 
  • Bob Holmes, Clark Atlanta University (emeritus)
  • Mark Jones, Rice University
  • Pam Karlan, Stanford Law School 
  • Phil Keisling, former Oregon Secretary of State / Center for Public Service at Portland State Univ.
  • Alex Keyssar, Harvard University
  • David Kimball, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Douglas Kriner, Cornell University
  • Didi Kuo, Freeman Spogli Institute for Intl. Studies, Stanford
  • Michael Latner, California Polytechnic State University
  • Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School
  • Justin Levitt, Loyola Law School 
  • David Lublin, American University
  • Sandy Maisel, Colby College
  • Alan Butler Morrison, George Washington Law School
  • Steven Mulroy, University of Memphis Law School
  • Jack Nagel, University of Pennsylvania (emeritus)
  • G. Bingham Powell, University of Rochester (former APSA president)
  • Miles Rapoport, Harvard Kennedy School (former Connecticut Secretary of State)
  • Ronald Rapoport, College of William and Mary (emeritus)
  • John Rapp, Beloit College (emeritus)
  • Benjamin Reilly, University of Western Australia 
  • Andrew Reynolds, Princeton University
  • Jonathan Rodden, Stanford University
  • Mark Rush, Washington and Lee University
  • Matthew Shugart, University of California-Davis (emeritus)
  • Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Harvard Law School 
  • James Thurber, American University
  • Caroline Tolbert, University of Iowa 
  • Franita Tolson, University of Southern California Law School
  • Ismar Volić, Wellesley College 
  • Sam Wang, Princeton University
  • Tova Wang, Harvard Kennedy School

Newspapers & Magazines
(last updated Nov. 2020; additional editorials

National Political Leaders 

Elizabeth Warren
Massachusettes U.S. Senator 




John McCain
Former Arizona U.S. Senator 



Barack Obama
Former U.S. President 

Andrew Yang
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate, American entrepreneur, politician, political commentator, philanthropist and author.

Jo Jorgensen
Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate, political activist and academic

Gary Herbert
Former Governor of Utah

Authors and Thought Leaders

Malcolm Gladwell
Journalist, author, and public speaker




David Brooks
Conservative political and cultural commentator who writes for The New York Times



Hasan Minhaj
Television host and comedian



Ben Shapiro
Political commentator




Briahna Joy Gray
American political commentator, lawyer, and political consultant




Chris Stirewalt
Fox political analyst




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