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Ranked Choice Voting Deemed a ‘2020 World Changing Idea’ Finalist by Fast Company

Ranked Choice Voting Deemed a ‘2020 World Changing Idea’ Finalist by Fast Company

No matter which metric you choose, the past year has been a successful one for ranked choice voting (RCV):

Now, the RCV movement adds another accolade to its list. The Ranked Choice Voting Act (HR 4464), introduced by Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-08) and 11 co-sponsors, has been named a finalist in the Politics and Policy category of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.


The RCV Act, which would require states to adopt RCV in all congressional primary and general elections starting in 2022 (and provide the requisite funding to do so), was lauded by Fast Company, a prominent business media brand, for its combination of innovation and practicality.

The act would ensure winners garner majority support, eliminate vote-splitting, accommodate third party candidacies, and phase out costly runoffs—unequivocally crucial benefits. But that’s not all. The RCV Act also strikes at the heart of our hyper-partisan political environment by compelling candidates to widen their appeal and provide a positive vision for their campaign—encouraging friendlier elections, a less-jaded populace, and, hopefully, better governance.

We applaud Rep. Raskin, the 11 co-sponsors, and our allies for their tireless efforts to bring awareness to this bill.

But we’re not done fighting yet. If your representative has not yet signed on as a co-sponsor, we urge you to reach out via this quick and easy link.

Voters deserve better governance. Let’s work toward that ideal by passing the RCV Act.



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