Ranked Choice Voting Advisory Committee

FairVote has assembled a team of academic advisers with whom we work closely on issues relating to ranked choice voting. They are currently taking the lead in implementing a research project into the potential impact of RCV on the tone and substance of campaigns for which we received $300,000 from the Democracy Fund. 

At a March 2014 workshop from Stanford University's Program on American Democracy in Comparative Perspective, eight ranked choice voting academic advisers and FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie gave presentations on electoral system reform in the U.S. Find more details on Rob Richie's presentation in the report, "Applying Ranked Choice Voting to Congressional Elections." Jack Nagel presented two papers at the workshop: one on ingredients conducive to successful electoral reform and one on importing mixed member proportional systems to the U.S. Caroline Tolbert and Todd Donovan presented findings from our Democracy Fund-backed research project on the impact of ranked choice voting on civility, the highlights of which are summarized in the same report on "Applying Ranked Choice Voting to Congressional Elections."


Here are the members of our advisory committee.



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