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Dear Friend,

Maine’s trailblazing ballot measure win for ranked choice voting and a toxic 2016 election showcased the value of fairer voting rules. We’re seeing growing interest to empower voters with a stronger voice and greater choice across the country. Legislators in at least 15 states have introduced bills to advance ranked choice voting (RCV) in 2017, and more are on the way -- including in Congress. Our goal is to double the number of cities using RCV in the next two years.

As awareness of the benefits of RCV spreads, we’re seeing how it can be used in a number of contexts to empower voters and elect winners with broad support--from state party chair elections to selecting the Best Picture at the Oscars.


Rank It Like the Academy

Since the 1930s, the fair representation version of ranked choice voting has been part of the Oscars nomination process. When the Academy increased the number of nominees for Best Picture category they chose RCV because it “best allows the collective judgment of all voting members to be most accurately represented.”

We’ve created a fun interactive voting tool so you can vote like a member of the Academy for your favorite movies and stars. Cast a ranked ballot and see the interactive results for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Actor. After The Academy Awards on February 26 our “Rank It” app will allow you to easily organize and promote your own ranked choice voting contests!


Show Love for RCV

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, supporters across the country are contacting their local legislator in support of ranked choice voting. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 to show your support:

  1. Find your representatives here.

  2. Send your representatives a letter of support, which you are welcome to add to.

  3. Let us know if your representatives reply and post on social media and include #loveRCV.

Progress for RCV has always come directly from individuals at the local level. By sending your lawmakers a letter you are not only showing love for RCV but you are showing love for our democracy.


What’s New on the Blog

We regularly produce new content for our blog. Stay tuned for new posts in the coming days on important reports being released on fair representation for Congress and the roots of our dysfunctional politics. Here are a few recent highlights.


Looking Forward

FairVote is undergoing some big changes and will end up up with larger staff able to do all the more to work with our allies to carry out our reform vision - with those allies including a growing number of state and local groups. We’re also regularly on the road, from talks by staff this month in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia to speaking on three panels next month at the South by Southwest conference. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being in touch about making real the promise of democracy.


Sincerely yours,

Rob Richie
Executive Director, FairVote


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