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Rank the greatest NFL QBs of all time

Rank the greatest NFL QBs of all time

Super Bowl week is here, and as fans get ready for the year’s biggest day in football, many are engaged in the ongoing debate about who are greatest players of all time.

Of course its subjective, and you really can’t go by statistics alone. The game was much different 50 years ago (less dominating passing offenses, different rules, etc), and when you come down to it, it’s really hard to quantify one player over another. That’s what makes the debates so much fun.

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One of the Super Bowl QBs has five rings and an impressive resume. Is he the Greatest of All Time? Many say yes, but many disagree…. Let’s find out with our Rank It app below.

With ranked choice voting, you get to vote for your #1 favorite, but also rank your other favorites in order of preference. A consensus winner is selected with a majority of the votes.

Here’s how it works: After ranking all the QBs, the ballots are tallied. All first choices are counted, and if a QB has a majority, then they win, just like any other election. However, if no one has a majority, the QB with the fewest votes is eliminated, and those voters have their ballot instantly count for their next choice. This process continues until a QB receives a majority of votes, and is declared the winner.

Give it a try… it’s easy and fun! Just click on the name of your #1 choice in the left column to get started. We’ll announce our winner at halftime of the Super Bowl.



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