Rachel Rappaport

Research Analyst

Rachel Rappaport

Rachel conducts research and data analysis in support of FairVote’s advocacy mission. She is an experienced researcher and writer in the electoral reform space. 

Rachel was previously a Fellow at the Institute for Political Innovation (IPI), where she worked to advance the knowledge base surrounding electoral reforms, including Final-Five Voting. At IPI, she became an expert at utilizing theory and scholarship to bolster democracy reforms, accelerate campaigns, and counter opposition. 

Prior to IPI, Rachel worked to strengthen the voting power of citizens overseas at Democrats Abroad. She also has experience in congressional campaigns. Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Sociology from Newcastle University.

Posts by Rachel Rappaport

How the Fair Representation Act Can Solve the “Primary Problem”

Posted on May 03, 2022

Between partisan gerrymandering and geographical sorting, more and more congressional districts are safely red or blue. This means that in a red district, whoever wins the Republican primary will win the general election with ease. The same can be said for the winner of the Democratic primary in a blue district.

“Whig-ing” Out Over the History of Single-Member Plurality Voting

Posted on April 26, 2022

It’s worth saying upfront:, nowhere does our Constitution outline specific processes for holding elections. The ‘Elections Clause’ leaves the decision to the states, while also giving Congress the power to intervene. A longer account reveals that single-member district plurality elections were not even how the founders necessarily envisioned elections. 

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