Posted by Theodore Landsman on December 18, 2017 at 4:31 PM

PR_NYC_Report_Cover.PNGIn Proportional Representation in New York City, 1936-1947 FairVote explores the buildup to and outcomes of multi-winner ranked choice voting (RCV) also know as single transferable vote (STV) on the New York City Council during the 10 year period between implementation and repeal. 

In our detailed analyses, we discuss how ranked choice voting impacted the parties elected, how council members behaved, and how other institutions responded to a more democratic and responsive city legislature. 


For a quick summary, read our blog post on the report. 


The full report is available below. Download a pdf copy of this report here.



infogram_0_21f702b0-a9d7-4ad7-99b1-bc6b91d56ed0PR in New York Infogram Report

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