Promote Integrity and Transparency in Election Administration

These proposals will ensure that the voting experience is easy for voters, and will inspire confidence in the results.

Post Election Audit Standards

State policy. Risk-limiting post-election audits allow voters to be confident in the accuracy of election results. When done well, they can be easy to administer, requiring variable levels of auditing depending on how close the election margins are, up to a full recount in the closest elections.

Policy Brief • Model Statute 

Ranked Choice Ballots for Military and Overseas Voters

State and local policy. Military and overseas voters can participate in an election and its corresponding runoff at once, preventing them from being disenfranchised when two elections do not allow sufficient time for ballots to be mailed and returned.

Policy Brief • Model Statute

Presidential Nominating Contests

State policy. By the time military voters have received, filled out, and mailed back their ballots in presidential nominating contests, one or more candidates may have dropped out of the race. By allowing them to use ranked ballots, they can ensure that their vote will count for their favorite candidate that is still in the running.

Policy Brief • Model Statute 

Usability Testing for Ballots

State, local and federal policy. Voters can be inadvertently disenfranchised by incorrectly filling out a confusing ballot. Ballot designs should be tested to ensure that they are usable in advance of their implementation.

Policy Brief • Model Statute 

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