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Plurality voting failed Canadians. Again.

Matthew Oberstaedt

Once again, Canada’s system of plurality voting in single-member districts has done a poor job of serving the public. Though some ballots remain to be counted, a few trends are clear.

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Ann Arbor, MI will have ranked choice voting on November ballot

Elena Gilbertson Hall

This November, Ann Arbor voters will decide whether to switch to a ranked choice voting (RCV) system for the city’s mayoral and council elections. The Ann Arbor City Council voted 10-1 this week to put the RCV question on the Nov. 2 ballot.

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Broomfield, CO City Council Votes to include RCV on the November ballot

Steph Scaglia

This November, voters in Broomfield, Colorado will vote on whether or not to use ranked choice voting (RCV) in upcoming elections.

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