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Elizabeth Warren Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

Jeremy Seitz-brown

On Friday, Warren made clear that she had evaluated all the evidence and concluded ranked choice voting was worthy of a resounding endorsement. Voters will decide in this November’s election whether they will offer the same seal of approval.

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Boulder voters have opportunity to adopt ranked choice voting

Matthew Oberstaedt

Voters in Boulder, Colorado will soon get to decide if they want to elect their mayor directly using ranked choice voting (RCV). Currently, Boulder’s mayor is chosen by the City Council from among its own members. 

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Proposed Bill by Senator Rubio Would Take Pressure off a Strained Electoral System

Drew Penrose

The infrastructure we use to elect the President of the United States is a complex machine cobbled together by disparate actors, often under-resourced and under pressure; a strong enough force in the wrong place could cause it to collapse. We saw glimpses of that in the 2000 election and again in 2016. Yet as we enter an election already strained by a global pandemic, many of the structural weaknesses in our presidential election system remain unaddressed.

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