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Post 2018 midterm media round-up

Post 2018 midterm media round-up

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New way of voting faces test in Maine congressional district Associated Press
Ranked choice voting will determine who wins the 2ndd Congressional District in Maine.

Voters in three states pass non-partisan redistricting measures NPR “Morning Edition”
Voters in Colorado and Missouri and Michigan overwhelmingly approved ballot measures calling for nonpartisan redistricting, which seek to end the practice of gerrymandering or at least limit it.

Voters are stripping partisan redistricting power from politicians in anti-gerrymandering efforts Washington Post
Redistricting measures were passed by large majorities.

Exit polling gives Golden an edge in 2nd District ranked choice count Bangor Daily News
The Daily News Election Day exit survey was done in partnership with Colby College and FairVote.

Legal precedent so far support ranked choice voting Lewiston (ME) Sun Journal
A successful legal challenge to Maine’s ranked choice voting election is unlikely.

Outraged about voter suppression? Here’s what you can do now Elle Magazine
Gerrymandering, voter suppression of marginalized communities led to strife on Election Day. People can act to make next time better.

Is voting a civic right or a civic duty? Vox
Despite the highest voter turnout in half a century, the United States lags behind the other democracies of the world.

There’s a better way to elect House members The Atlantic
A look at the Fair Representation Act and its possible impact.


A Congress for every American and America needs a bigger House (editorials) New York Times
Two-part look from the Times editorial board exploring how a larger House of Representatives with multi-member districts elected through ranked choice voting would create more competitive elections and a more reflective government.

Election's over, let's have a rant New York Times
Commentary from Gail Collins about third parties and spoilers, with a nice shout out to ranked choice voting.

As polarized as Americans are, they agree on on this: Gerrymandering is wrong Los Angeles Times
David Daley writes that not that long ago, gerrymandering used to be a topic that “made citizens’ eyes glaze over. Now, opposition to it has become the one thing that everybody can agree on.

Are we finally starting to talk about electoral reform? Outside the Beltway
Political Science Professor Steven L. Taylor notes, the New York Times is trying to start a conversation.



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