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Portland, Maine Voters Overwhelmingly Embrace Ranked Choice Voting

Portland, Maine Voters Overwhelmingly Embrace Ranked Choice Voting

When voters in Portland, Maine headed to the polls on Super Tuesday, the presidential primary race wasn’t the only thing on their minds.
That’s because the option to expand ranked choice voting (RCV) to all City Council and school board races was also on the ballot—and Portland voters took the opportunity to embrace the method.
In Portland—which uses RCV in its mayoral races and joins the rest of Maine in utilizing it in state legislative and gubernatorial primaries—voters passed the RCV ballot measure by an overwhelming 81 percent margin.
Fair Elections Portland, a good-government advocacy group, worked tirelessly to get RCV on the ballot—collecting more than 6,500 signatures, far above the necessary 30 percent threshold, in the process.
In a statement obtained by The Portland Press-Herald, Anna Kellar, spokesperson for Fair Elections Portland, praised the ballot measure’s success.

“Portland was the first city in Maine to use ranked-choice voting, and now we can finally say that all of our elected officials will represent the choice of the majority of the voters. This is a good day for democracy in Portland.”

The high signature volume coupled with the incredible support for the ballot measure shows Portland voters wholeheartedly embrace RCV.  We applaud the activists who made this success possible and look forward RCV’s continued progress into 2020.

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