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Poll: Nevada voters want better elections

Poll: Nevada voters want better elections

The time is ripe for political reform in Nevada, with voters eager to experience more fair and democratic elections.

Issue-focused elections, higher voter turnout and majority winners topped the list of reforms for Nevada voters, according to a recent statewide poll sponsored by Nevadans for Election Reform and FairVote. The hunger for better elections suggests that with continued outreach and education, voters could embrace ranked choice voting as the method to achieve their election wishlists.

Highlights from the poll include:

  • 94 percent of survey takers said replacing negative attacks with issue-focused campaigning was “somewhat” or “very” important, including majorities from both Republican and Democratic voters;
  • 80 percent said increasing voter turnout was “very” or “somewhat” important;
  • 79 percent said majority winners (candidates earning over 50 percent of votes) were “very” or “somewhat” important;
  • 58 percent said they were “very” or “somewhat” likely to support a reform that would end the “lesser of two evils” dynamic at play in single-choice voting systems; and
  • 56 percent said ranked choice voting was a “very good” or “somewhat good”

All of these values are linked to a ranked choice voting system, suggesting that with increased public awareness - as well as increasing use in cities and as of Nov. 6, the entire state of Maine - voters will recognize ranked ballots as the best way to see their values realized in elections.

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