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Philadelphia city council to explore ranked choice voting

Philadelphia city council to explore ranked choice voting

Philadelphia’s city council recently announced it will consider ranked-choice voting (RCV) in future elections. Derek Green, sponsor of the resolution, says that although he doesn’t hold a strong position on the system, he believes “any way to create additional energy in voting” should be looked at. This resolution comes after the council saw successful implementation in New York City, and paves the way for more jurisdictions to implement RCV systems.

Rob Richie, FairVote’s CEO stressed that in Philadelphia, “adding ranked-choice voting to the primary is a particularly sensible step that will make more votes count.” Given extensive research that RCV does promote fairer elections, and the fact that New York’s June mayoral primaries had the highest turnout in over 30 years, passing the resolution would surely increase voter choice in Pennsylvania’s largest city, reduce cost, and decrease negative campaigning.

Overall, adopting the reform would be a major win for the nation’s 6th largest city, especially as a city that currently holds partisan primaries with less contested general elections.

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