It’s time for the Fair Representation Act.

Our democracy is fundamentally broken by a dangerous new era of fierce partisan division. Close to 9 in 10 voters are locked in districts that are increasingly skewed toward one party. With no power to affect outcomes, too many votes simply do not matter. The problem goes beyond redistricting and money in politics. The problem is districting itself. Our zero-sum, winner-take-all system in which only one person is elected to represent each district no longer works in this era of hardened partisanship. 

The Fair Representation Act (HR 3057) will establish that U.S. House members will be elected in both primaries and the general elections by ranked choice voting, which gives voters the freedom to support the candidates they like the most without helping to elect the ones they like the least. States with more than 1 seat will use multi-winner districts. That combination of reforms replaces our current system, where up to 49% of voters in a district can be shut out of representation. Instead, one-fifth of the voters in a district will have the power to elect a representative in a larger, more diverse electorate. 

The Act will reliably provide fair representation both to the majority and those in the minority. It gives voters of all backgrounds and all political stripes the power to elect House Members who reflect their views and will work constructively with others in Congress. It is the comprehensive reform we need to rescue American democracy. Under the Constitution, it's the responsibility of Congress to act when state-by-state rules aren't working.

It is time for action.




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I support the Fair Representation Act (HR 3057) to open our elections to more choice, greater diversity, and a stronger voice for all.

Under the Fair Representation Act, elections will be held with ranked choice voting in multi-winner districts. There will be more choices and several winners elected in each district. Congress will remain the same size, but districts will be larger, each electing three, four or five winners. Voters will be free to rank their choices, from first to last. Every district will fairly reflect the spectrum of voters. Everyone will have a real chance to elect a favorite candidate.

The Fair Representation Act is effective, constitutional, and grounded in American traditions. I support the Fair Representation Act and call on Congress to take action to give voters democracy that is of, by, and for the people.




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