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Op-ed: ranked choice voting is better for everyone

Op-ed: ranked choice voting is better for everyone

New Hampshire’s House Election Law Committee is holding a public hearing to consider House Bill 1540, a bill that would establish for ranked choice voting (RCV) for federal and state offices in primary and general elections. In the Concord Monitor, Tiani X. Coleman, president of the New Hampshire Independent Voters, makes the case why RCV should be adopted.

Noting that this isn't an ideological issue, Coleman writes that RCV is better for voters because it is an inherently fair way to elect leaders of all political stripes.

"More people will be willing to vote for independent and third-party candidates, knowing that their vote won’t be “wasted.” People might be surprised to find that re-tabulations won’t always match the predicted left-right ideological spectrum. At the same time, the major parties can rest assured that allowing more liberty and equality in the electoral process won’t hurt them – unless they’re winning by virtue of their exclusive power, more than by virtue of their merits."

Coleman rightly mentions candidates will run more positive campaigns because they’ll need to appeal to broader audiences than their base of support, and that RCV strengthens democracy by empowering voters with more choices.

Let’s hope New Hampshire’s legislature does the right thing and passes HB 1540… and that the governor signs it into law.

To read the full op-ed, click here.

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