Euclid Beach Park ArchFair representation voting methods have only recently arrived in Ohio. In 2008, the Department of Justice sued Euclid, Ohio arguing that electing its at-large Board of Education elections unfairly diluted the voting power of African American voters. Although Euclid’s African American voting age population exceeded 40%, it had long been unable to elect a candidate of choice to the Board of Education. In response to the lawsuit, Euclid adopted the single-vote method, a form of limited voting, for its elections. While an African American candidate was not elected immediately after the single-vote method was adopted, the African American community succeeded in electing its candidate of choice. Since then, an African American candidate or candidate of choice has reliably served on the Euclid Board of Education. To learn more about the single-vote method and how it works, go to our proportional representation page.

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