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NYC mayoral charter commission releases resolution

NYC mayoral charter commission releases resolution

The New York City Mayoral Charter Revision Commission this week released a resolution on its recommendations ahead of its final report. These recommendations will be on the November ballot for voters to decide. FairVote, which had been advocating for the inclusion of instant runoff voting (IRV, also known as ranked choice voting), issued the following statement:

“We want to thank the Commission for its hard work in considering instant runoff voting so diligently and hearing testimony on numerous other proposals to better New York City. While we are disappointed that the commission did not include instant runoff voting, we are thrilled that so many of New York’s civic groups and leaders joined New York voters in supporting IRV. We look forward to engaging further with the City Council Charter Commission and the state legislature to find other avenues to implement this common-sense reform. We also welcome the opportunity for further discussion with the Mayor on how we can improve New York City elections,” said Rob Richie, President and CEO, FairVote.

“While the Commission declined to include instant runoff voting in their recommendations, I look forward to considering other ways to implement IRV through state legislation. There are many options we have to reform our election systems through IRV. New York City should continue to review instant runoff voting as a way to improve voter turnout and save money,” said New York State Assemblyman Walter Mosley.

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