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Cast Vote Records from the NYC Board of Elections

Cast Vote Records (CVRs) are digital records of how each voter voted. It is customary for RCV jurisdictions to release CVRs after RCV elections, which allow for independent verification and analysis.

The NYC Board of Elections posted CVRs here:


FairVote "Clean" Cast Vote Records and Related Analysis

Cast Vote Records

These files are clean human-readable files in .csv format, separated by each race on the ballot. FairVote produces this version of CVRs through our own software called the "RCV Cruncher". The "RCV Cruncher" software also performs other analysis based on the Cast Vote Records. See below for additional files. 

Find "clean" CVRs here.*

* Because of formatting of the Board of Elections files, undervote counts are not guaranteed to be accurate.

** To mitigate the large size of these files, ballots with an identical ranking order have been combined into a single row. See the field titled "weight" for the number of observations of that ballot ranking order. 


Round-by-Round Totals

These tables show the round-by-round results for each election in .csv format. Ballots have been parsed using NYC's rules for overvotes and skipped rankings. Note that these files do not use batch elimination, allowing us to examine vote transfer at the individual candidate level.

Find round-by-round RCV results here.


Voters' Use of Rankings

Find out the average number of rankings used by voters in each contest, and whether ranking usage varied based on the voters' first-choice preference. 

Find ranking usage tables here


Condorcet Table

A table showing the results of head-to-head matchups between each pair of candidates. A candidate ranked higher than another candidate on a given ballot is assumed to win that voter's head-to-head matchup. All ranked candidates on a ballot are assumed to be preferred to all non-ranked candidates.

Read each table across rows. For example, in the file for the mayoral election titled "NewYorkCity_06222021_DEMMayorCitywide_percent.csv", read the first row with data as "Aaron Foldenauer wins 5.5% of matchups against Andrew Yang, 27.9% of match-ups against Art Chang, 11.0% of matchups against Dianne Morales," and so on.

Find Condorcet tables here.


First-Choice-to-Finalist Table

A table showing how first-choice voters for each candidate had their ballots counted in the final round, including how many ballots counted for each finalist candidate and how many ballots became inactive because they did not rank either finalist.

Find first-choice-to-finalist tables here.


Crossover Support Table

A table showing the portion of ballots for each first-round candidate which ranked other candidates in their top three choices. These tables help us identify coalitions of voters when we see a high portion of voters for one candidate also ranking another candidate. 

For example, in the file for the mayoral election titled "NewYorkCity_06222021_DEMMayorCitywide_percent.csv", we can see how Eric Adams voters ranked other candidates. 30.1% of Adams voters ranked Maya Wiley in their top 3 choices and 21.7% of Adams voters included Kathryn Garcia in their top 3 choices. 

Find crossover support tables here.



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