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New York Times: “RCV is having a moment”

New York Times:  “RCV is having a moment”

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is once again making headlines. This week, the New York Times jumped headfirst into explaining why RCV is surging in popularity. The NYT’s Jacey Fortin gives an in-depth look at the history of Ranked Choice Voting, how it works, and who supports it.

FairVote’s own David O’Brien is quoted in the article explaining some benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. He explains how RCV promotes civil elections because candidates must appeal to a broader coalition of voters, because if you aren’t a voters’ first choice, you want to be their second. This is just one of the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. Others include more diversity among candidates, improved voter turnout, and more voter choice.

Voters have demanded RCV because many are witnessing its success in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and the state of Maine, as well as  more than a dozen other jurisdictions around the country. The Democratic parties in Kansas, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Alaska will be using RCV for their presidential primaries this year. Multiple presidential candidates this cycle have supported its use as well.

Ranked Choice Voting is already popular in several cities and states but it’s still gaining momentum. The opportunity to hold fair elections that promote a more diverse field of candidates is one that cannot be missed -- and neither can this piece in the New York Times. 

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