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New York and Utah and Hawaii, oh my!

New York and Utah and Hawaii, oh my!

Ranked choice voting moves forward in New York City with a recommendation from the city charter commission’s preliminary staff report. Meanwhile, two Utah cities prepare to debut RCV in their 2019 elections while Alaska and Hawaii Democratic parties propose ranked ballots for presidential nominations, plus more of the latest and greatest of media coverage for April 2019.

Press hits

Many blue states have poor voter rights records too Pacific Standard
Highlights voting rights problems in New York and solutions which could include ranked choice voting

A federal court makes an aggressive move against partisan gerrymandering The Atlantic
A federal court struck down 30 of Michigan’s congressional and legislative districts and ordered early special elections in several districts as a remedy

PEI voters narrowly reject switch to proportional representation in referendum Huffington Post
PEI voters narrowly voted against a switch to proportional representation electoral systems in a referendum

2019 Charter Commission Report indicates areas of focus for crafting ballot proposals Gotham Gazette (NY)
The NYC charter revision commission has released its preliminary staff report, recommending more exploration of ranked choice voting for city elections.

Two Utah cities to pilot a new voting method in a county that has faced election-related problems in the past, Salt Lake Tribune
Utah cities Vineyard and Payson are set to be the first to debut ranked choice voting in the state



3 keys to a far better way of choosing presidential nominees Governing
Op-ed by Portland State University’s Phil Keisling naming ranked choice voting to boost turnout and create reflective outcomes in the presidential nomination process

The long game of democratic reform American Interest
Op-ed by Stanford University fellow Larry Diamond on ranked choice voting as the “master reform” to create fair, competitive and reflective elections

No, Republicans, It’s Not a Plot Democracy Journal
FairVote Senior Fellow David Daley writes on the nonpartisan benefits of ranked choice voting

Making the case for ranked choice voting The Hill
Op-ed by Cornell University professor and author on the merits of ranked choice voting and its increasing popularity nationwide

Ranked-Choice Voting = Super Saturday in Alaska, Hawaii Real Clear Politics
Rob Richie and Dave Daley highlight proposed use of ranked choice voting in Alaska and Hawaii’s presidential nominations



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