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New open seat: Ruben Kihuen will not seek re-election

New open seat: Ruben Kihuen will not seek re-election

As we announced last month, FairVote is tracking announcements from members of Congress who will not seek re-election, and describe how the new open seat impacts our projections for the 2018 elections to the House of Representatives.

This week, Congressman Ruben Kihuen (D-NV-04) announced his decision to not run for re-election in 2018. First elected in 2016, Kihuen’s decision to retire does not impact our overall projections. Nevada’s 4th District is a competitive seat and has a Democratic partisanship of 51.4 percent. Given the competitive nature of the seat, FairVote cannot project a winner at our highest confidence level.

We still make high confidence projections in 378 races, 207 for Republicans and 171 for Democrats.

Here is a summary of all vacancies heading into 2018 so far:

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And here is the full list of open seats:

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