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January 9, 2018

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New Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Ranked Choice Voting

Justices unanimously deny Santa Fe’s attempt to claim RCV is unconstitutional

SANTA FE, N.M. —  Almost ten years after voters approved ranked choice voting by a landslide margin, Santa Fe voters will be able to elect their mayor and city council with the system in March. The City of Santa Fe’s emergency petition was denied by a unanimous New Mexico Supreme Court, thus upholding Santa Fe District Judge David Thomson’s order in November finding that the city must uphold its charter and that  ranked choice voting is fully constitutional.  

Maria Perez, director, FairVote New Mexico and a resident of Santa Fe said, “My fellow plaintiffs and I are thrilled that Santa Fe is finally going to use ranked choice voting in March. This case has always been about doing what's best for voters. I'm also grateful that the city has put its energy into voter education. I'm confident that the city clerk and her staff’s vast experience running elections will result in a substantive campaign that will elect a mayor who reflects a true consensus of Santa Fe voters on March 6.”

FairVote New Mexico plans to assist the Santa Fe City Council in making the ranked choice education process a success. They will be holding RCV education training on January 11-13.

For legal filings in the case and additional background, see this resource library.

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